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A Spoken Word Show

An hour-long spoken-word / gig-theatre show, created for Hidden Door Festival in collaboration with the band Acolyte. Empty is set in the locked bathroom of a house party that has got out of hand.

"When you are young you are constantly discovering and rediscovering selves, trying on different hats, road testing the future you. A party is a place where these performances can be tried out, within a concentration of space and time. This is the heart of the show. However, it is beating in amongst the loud music and inebriation of a house party that is spinning out of control. Everyone there has a shared sense of impending doom. Self-discovery is happening against a backdrop of world tensions, political and social uncertainties, great change, an unsure sense of future and a coming climate crisis. We are fiddling while Rome burns. The arc of a party reflects the ups and downs of these themes: from elation through hedonism to earnest debate; from nihilistic euphoria to panic and hangover. Empty is to be a celebration of youth in all its messiness, the power and beauty of language and the hope we can find in connection." 


Promo photograph by Finnian Croy 


Performance photographs by Keir Eunson. Set design by Helen Stephenson.

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